Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Do We Lead About? - What Makes Up Participation vs Lurking vs Flair?

The owner of made me a guest admin on Friday night.

Why did I accept? What did it mean?


How would I participate, or ADMIN? Below is the first discussion thread I created as an admin, where I created a "leadership" group and proposed the following questions to the growing group of 4.

  1. What is inSM to each of us?
  2. Why are we part of it?
  3. What do we get from being a member?
  4. If we were a guiding leader of inSM what would we do to make it better?

And then it was my turn to answer my own questions as a conversation starter.

1. inSM to me is a collection of folks working in SM who want to communicate and build discussions around making our SocialMedia interactions better. To me it is not about business or making money or reputation at being a part of it. It might be for others, I don't pretend to know.

2. I want to be a part of things that are larger than myself. I am an avid community participant. I love Posterious and inSM as my 2 adjunct communities that add more conversation to my own rantings.

3. What I get as being part of inSM is the connection with other SM professionals. Notice I don't use the term experts, cause if I'm an expert today, I am certianly not an expert tomorrow. Too much is changing for any of us to be experts. We are students and teachers, leaders and followers.

4. Engage a group of people in leading the community. Add additional tools or groups as needed. Begin actual dialogues on inSM, unlike the vacant "groups" and "affinities" of Facebook. Where we all join and nothing happens.

So if inSM is more like LinkedIN than Facebook we have done a good job. If we use inSM as part of our reputation validation then we have done a good job. If we build relationships and a level of TRUST on inSM for the discussions to be honest and challenging, then we have begun to build something of value for all of us.

We have begun to build a community.

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