Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Destroyer Readies for Launch - The TwitterJoker Strikes Again! #sxsw

Twitter Destroyer is the ultimate countermeasure twitter app to swat off those annoying auto-bots, twitter virus peddlers, twitter porn purveyors, and basic twitter jerks.


Part of the TwitterJoker empire, the Destroyer app will annilate all auto-following followers from you profile. And if you alert the Destroyer here on this site of an Auto-Bot or Twitter Spam/Scam artist, we will send the Destoryer API to ping them until they submit.

Because being real on twitter is the only way to go, the Twitter Destroyer was created in response to the rising tide of flotsum and jetsom clogging the free flow of REAL HUMAN connection and REAL TIME conversations on Twitter.

So Mr. 50k, Mr. GET-a-free-Notebook, or get Ms. 1,000-Followers-a-Day, beware. We are on to you. And the joker never rests. Never." alt="Trillion Followers Badge" /> Also available as a layered PSD file adn PPT PNG. Just ask.


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