Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Next Year at SXSW Interactive 2010 - #SXSW Let's Build Something Together

So we talked, we tweeted, we sat side by side and blogged our asses off. And SXSWi has now passed into the past. And I am officially behind on my self-defined deadline for a consulting project I started the WED before the conference began. To those I met and those I merely admired from a distance... Here's to you.

here's to you - happy st. patty's day 09


Two things I would like to leave you with.

1. Don't go home sad and lonely go home and reconnect with those you connected with this week. What we have here at SXSWi is REAL.

2. Let's DO SOMETHING Next Time. We talked a lot, we had a lot of "start up" chatter and new t-shirts. But next year I'm proposing we have a panel, or a panel a day (sprint style) to create a business or non-profit during the conference. There is SO MUCH talent here in the convention center, perhaps we could get that fulcrum to work from here and move the planet.

A final thank you to Jon Lebkowski and his SocialWebStrategies for inviting me to be on the Sustainability panel this year. It was an honor. And to Jodee and Pricilla from who have given me a challenge of a lifetime. So yes, do go home. Travel safely.

But don't forget that this experience we had was REAL. Don't forget and get complacent back in your previous state of affairs.

Do something.

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the sun and spirit shines on you my friend


Now resting without you - aloha folks - yall come back


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