Sunday, May 24, 2009

The F-Bomb and F-Book: The F-Book Manifesto! [Facebook = F-Book]

f-book manifesto logo One of the most polarizing and incendiary things one can say or write is fu**! The F-Bomb got me my only ethics reprimand. I was in my cube talking on the phone, and I must have emoted a bit too loudly. A couple of days later, a co-cuber sent me an email warning me and asking me to watch my language. She wrote, "some of your coworkers find your use of that word offensive." Of course, the coworker, who I had been talking to on the phone said, "Fu*k That!"

Compare that to F-Book. One of the most confused and misguided things one can say or write about social media is F-Book is the future of Social Media. That's how it's gonna be referred to in the future. Not Facebook but F-Book. Because similar to the F-Bomb it strikes fear in the hearts of many.

Here are some of the fears I am aware of. My own F-Book Manifesto!

  1. F-Book is for business
  2. F-Book is Social Media
  3. F-Book apps
  4. F-Book gaming
  5. F-Book has a clue
  6. F-Book sucks
  7. F-Book keeps making really stupid changes
  8. F-Book is better or worse than Twitter
  9. F-Book is great
  10. F-Book status updates are how I keep current with my "friends"
  11. Does F-Book matter?
  12. F-Book has a financial model in mind
  13. F-Book ADS are pathetic
  14. F-Book ADS are funny
  15. F-Book says "We are happy with our current financial plans."
  16. F-Book is delusional
  17. F-Book has a Senior Platform Designer and his name is Dave Morin
  18. F-Book's Dave Morin is #16 in Fast Company's Most Creative People List
  19. F-Book's Dave Morin, according to FC list, "crisscrosses the globe to conferences and OpenID meetups - as an ambassador for the notion that F-Book can play well with others."
  20. F-Book doesn't need to play well with anyone
  21. F-Book's Dave Morin is not focused on "the redesign of F-Book's home page," again according to the FC listing
  22. F-Book management better get somebody other than Dave Morin, then, to look into how F-Book is getting WORSE not better in User Interface
  23. F-Book unfortunately is probably the most powerful force in the universe after Google
  24. F-Book makes Twitter's hype look puny
  25. F-Book adds 200 servers a week to keep up with the new members and new traffic (I made that number up, but it does add a phenomenal number of servers each week)

I think that's enough for now. And now as my gift to Dave Morin and the F-Book design team, below are several unsolicited critiques of F-Book. No strings guys, but DO SOMETHING better than you are now. Cause you keep F**king it up.

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