Friday, April 10, 2009

Re-Employment Resources and Ideas

Sooooo..... I did finally go to my FREE Lee Hecht Harrison orientation, the outplacement consulting provided by my former employer Dell. And while I complained about it feeling like I was going to a Defensive Driving course, it was not that bad. And what was Good was seeing and hearing all the other Dellios who were dropped at the same time or within the last several weeks. I created a LinkedIN Group called The Dell Drop, but have not gotten much participation yet.

The Dell Drop (facebook group)

A couple other LinkedIN Groups are ExDell and Dell Alumni.

What I did notice was that so many people did not have good resource lists for where to get stuff online. So I thought as part of my rehabilitation (or is that redeployment?) I would provide some of those killer resources to folks seeking a new job or just seeking to learn some stuff.

>> Learning Resources
The #1 Learning Site on the web, in my opinion is For about $20 per month you can get unlimited access to their training sessions. Their online video trainings are the best in the business. From high end graphics and web applications down to MS Office and even eBay, Lynda has classes on everything worth learning.

Free classes are available at the HP Learning Center. I used to work for Powered, who does these classes and the MS Office ones are pretty good. They get a lot of milage out of the ones on digitial photography too.

Some of the same clasess are available at Sony 101. Powered also supplies Sony with courses. More stuff on photography and video editing.

>> Business and Contact Cards to hand out at every opportunity
And then for business cards a company called VistaPrint makes cards and flyers and brochures for next to nothing. [And if you email me or comment here I can send you a 25% off coupon number. And that'll be 25% off next to nothing.]

>> URLs and Websites
Google Sites
or Wordpress for a blog. NameCheap, Network Solutions for URL purchase. [I have most of mine with GoDaddy, but their advertising is so sexist that I'd rather be somewhere else. I have had no problems with them. DO NOT EVER USE RegisterFly or RegiFly, they are crooks. See wikipedia article about them. I had a client lose their domain and thus entire online business for 30 days in the RegiFly fiasco. Oh boy!]

A2 Hosting for site deployment at $4.95 per month. So I would suggest a card, a new URL containing your "consulting" you and some research and retraining into whatever it is you want to go in to.

But getting online and understanding "online marketing" is going to be part of everyone's job. So I'd say take the opportunity to do it now.

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