Thursday, April 16, 2009

Groundswell Sways the Giant: The People vs Time Warner Cable and Bandwidth Capping was launched 4-8-09 as a social media effort to discourage Time Warner from forcing metered broadband service in Austin. Perhaps it is a play to get people to “lock in rates” with TWC.

The clearest description of the problem was this from Electronista “The caps are being kept artificially low to protect Time Warner’s TV business as customers may cancel regular TV service in favor of iTunes purchases or web video services like Hulu.” Here is the Electronista post.

UPDATE: Today, 4-16-09 Time Warner decided to change their plans.

“What happened as we're continuing to listen was we worked in some of the comments and ideas that got sent to us,” Ramos said. “We came to the realization, let's do this in October.”  Here is the entire post from The San Antonio Express News.

So, it's not really Stop the Cap, it's Delay the Cap! Boy I hope they come to a better realization than that! for more information.


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