Sunday, February 8, 2009

Windows Optional! - The Malls of America are Full and So Is the Apple Store!

An excerpt from my main blog:
Why is it that the Apple store is always packed? I know why I go. But why does everyone else go? Have we not seen enough of the iPhone and the new iMac and the Nano’s-of-many-colors? [Okay, I've been going lately to see if I can put my hands around one of the new 17" monoblock MBPs. But they still don't have any. Even here in HOUSTON's Galleria.] The Apple staff, not all geniuses mind you, are certain that the 17″ is shipping but they don’t know when they will actually GET one.

Is this a supply problem like past Apple hits? The 17″ shows “now shipping” on the Apple website. Okay, enough about Apple. Oh, except one note that the Sony Style store is dazzlingly pretty and chrome and black and full of large flat panel TVs, but there are a total of 5 people in the store, and 3 of them work there. So what is it about Apple and it’s nearest design worthy competitor that is so different?

Okay, so stores like Dior have exactly 3 people in them, all in Dior suits and all standing behind the Dior counter. Brookstone is vacant. The wild clothing stores with blasting hip hop and rap are doing a brisk business. And then a little store like Teavana, is all alone selling upscale teas. And the cute girl in the organic clothing can’t even give away a hot tea sample. The Food Court and the Ice Rink are pretty full. And still there are just so many damn people. Shopping, eating, looking at Apple computers.

So what if Apple did an Ad [maybe they already have] that shows their newest laptops and says, “Windows Optional.” At my former employer’s the biggest innovation to come out of their innovation pipeline is machines shipping with Ubuntu. Now, Ubuntu is cool and pretty but it’s not exactly ready for prime time. So why were some many folks ready for a non-Windows laptop?


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